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Expert Physics Tuition for O Level Students

O Level Physics can be difficult, and it is important to have the right guidance and support to achieve a good grade. If you are one of the students struggling to keep up with your peers in learning O Level Physics, have low grades or want a better chance of success in the examinations, then O Level Physics tuition may just be what you need.


A good O Level Physics tuition provides students with the necessary skills and techniques to understand challenging concepts fast, easily solve complex equations, and apply theoretical principles in practical contexts. It also helps to develop the confidence and motivation needed to stay ahead of the curve, enabling students to achieve their full potential in O Level Physics.


By attending regular tuition sessions with experienced Physics tutors in Singapore, students can improve their understanding of core principles, build a strong foundation to support further learning and gain valuable tips on approaching exam questions effectively.



Helping Students Achieve Remarkable Results

About 94% of our students found O Level Physics easier to understand after just a month. They also spend less time doing their homework, giving them more time for other important things in their lives. It makes them happier and more confident, not just in Physics but also in life.

Providing Quality Learning Resources

Our worksheets cater for all levels – Just as our lessons are personalised, our personalised worksheets are according to the student’s current learning ability and level. Advance-level worksheets are for students who feel they can take the challenge, whereas beginner-level worksheets are for students who feel they could use more work on their foundation. Questions in worksheets are modelled after top school exam papers to prepare them for their O Level examinations.

Extensive Familiarity with O Level Physics Syllabus

Enroll in our courses to gain access to our meticulously curated lesson materials and exceptional guidance from our teacHaving started teaching in 2014, Mr Terence is extremely familiar with the Normal Academic (NA) Levels, O Levels, IP and IB Physics syllabi. He is able to point out commonly spotted questions and important concepts so that students know exactly what to study.hers.

Learn more about the Normal Academic (NA) Levels Physics syllabus.

Learn more about the Physics O Levels syllabus.

Learn more about the Physics IB syllabus.

Learn more about the Physics A Levels syllabus.

Small Group Lessons or Individual Tuition

Our O Level Physics tuition intentionally maintains small group classes with a maximum of 5 students. This deliberate choice ensures that each student receives ample attention and individualised support from our tutors. By keeping the class size small, we create an environment where students can benefit from tailored feedback to enhance their learning progress and remain motivated to ask questions.

With the absence of large class sizes, students feel more at ease, enabling increased interaction between students and tutors. This facilitates smoother clarification of doubts and allows tutors to cater to the needs of students who require additional assistance. In addition to group classes, we also offer one-on-one tuition, limited to a select few students, providing them with personalised attention and guidance tailored to their specific requirements.

Teaching Style

With a Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, 1st class Honours) from the National University of Singapore, Mr Terence can bring his engineering experience into class by using real-life industrial applications to explain complicated concepts. Our O Level students find Physics easier to relate to and more interesting to learn.

Furthermore, our lessons are personalised, so they cater to what the students are learning in school. As such, they will always learn what they are supposed to learn and get to learn topics based on their current level. However, if they specifically ask to learn more, then our tutors are more than happy to oblige.

Price & Schedule

Please refer to our class schedule to determine your preferred time, and we will then assess the availability of slots. Kindly note that the schedule may not display all lessons, as the session availability depends on our tutors’ schedules. Additionally, lessons are subject to possible changes or limited availability.


For Secondary students, our tuition fees are set at S$90 per lesson, while JC students are charged S$100per lesson. Payment is made on a monthly basis, and for new sign-ups, we kindly request a deposit equivalent to 2 lessons.

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Comprehensive Coverage of O Level Physics

Our O Level Physics tuition classes aim to provide students with a well-rounded education in physics, preparing them for success in their examinations and beyond.

Key Topics and Concepts Covered

Our O Level Physics tuition classes in Singapore provide comprehensive coverage of essential topics and concepts outlined in the syllabus. Students can expect in-depth lessons on key areas such as measurement, Newtonian mechanics, thermal physics, waves, and electricity and magnetism. These fundamental concepts are thoroughly explained and explored to ensure students have a strong foundation in O Level Physics.

Real-World Application and Case Studies

We believe in making Physics education practical and relatable to real-life scenarios. Our tuition classes incorporate real-world applications and case studies to help students understand how physics concepts are relevant and applicable in everyday situations. By using practical examples, students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, avoid careless mistakes, and appreciate the practical implications of Physics principles.

Hear What Our Past Students Say:

"i have been attending for sec 4 chem & phy for half a year and improved from a c6 to an a2. i also understand the topics a lot better now. Mr Terence provides examples and clear explanations on various topics and is a fun and easygoing teacher, which makes lessons less boring and more enjoyable"

Julia, St Margaret's School (Secondary)

"Before taking physics here, i hated it but after taking productive and enjoyable lessons here, i came to love and understand physic as they help students understand from their own thoughts or views on the topic.Excellent results has shown! "

Ashley, Ang Mo Kio Secondary

"Came for physics and chem tuition, Mr Huz was my teacher. He is really good at explaining and can relate to the younger generations. His teaching style is better imo as i get to engage and ask qns whereas in my sch is jst mainly jst worksheets and no qns if i had to clarify. I only came for awhile but im doing well in physics. Chem too! "

Brent, Presbyterian High School

"I took chemistry and physics, the lessons were very helpful and helped me jump from failures to distinctions over the course of a year in both subjects. The lessons are easy to understand and the teachers were very helpful and really care about helping you to understand the topics properly. "

Surya, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian

Improving Problem-Solving Skills and Exam Techniques

Our experienced tutors not only focus on teaching Physics concepts but also emphasise the development of problem-solving skills and exam techniques. They employ unique methods to help students improve their ability to solve physics problems effectively. Additionally, our tutors integrate Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to aid in remembering formulae and definitions, empowering students with efficient memorisation strategies. We also help students in setting clear goals and creating study schedules, enhancing their exam preparation and time management skills. With these comprehensive approaches, students are equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to excel in their O Level Physics examinations.

Want to know more about the O Level Physics Syllabus? Read on for more information

Understanding the O Level Physics Syllabus

Improving Problem-Solving Skills and Exam Techniques

Introduction to O Level Physics – Based on the Singapore–Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (2024) Physics (Syllabus 6091)

The O Level Physics syllabus is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of the principles and concepts in physics. It aims to foster an appreciation for the subject and to develop skills necessary for further education and the world of work. This guide will delve into the core aspects of the O Level Physics curriculum and what it entails for students in Singapore.

Syllabus Overview

The O Level Physics syllabus, structured by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), covers a wide range of topics that are essential for a robust understanding of physics. These topics are carefully selected to ensure they are relevant and applicable to the real world, providing students with the knowledge and skills to excel in their O Level Physics examinations.

Key Topics in O Level Physics

  1. Measurement: Understanding the importance of accurate measurement in physics and mastering the use of various measuring instruments.

  2. Kinematics: Delving into the study of motion without considering its causes, including speed, velocity, and acceleration.

  3. Dynamics: Exploring the forces that cause objects to move or change their state of motion.

  4. Mass, Weight, and Density: Differentiating between mass and weight, and understanding the concept of density.

  5. Turning Effect of Forces: Studying moments, equilibrium, center of gravity, and stability.

  6. Energy, Work, and Power: Learning about different forms of energy, the principle of conservation of energy, and the relationship between work and energy.

  7. Pressure: Investigating the effects of pressure in solids, liquids, and gases.

  8. Temperature and Thermal Properties of Matter: Understanding heat capacity, specific heat capacity, and the effects of heat.

  9. General Wave Properties: Exploring the properties and characteristics of waves.

  10. Light: Delving into the nature of light, lenses, and optical instruments.

  11. Electromagnetism: Studying the principles of electromagnetism and its applications.

  12. Electrical Energy and DC Circuits: Understanding electrical principles and the workings of simple DC circuits.

  13. Practical Electricity: Learning about practical aspects of electricity in daily life.

  14. Atomic Physics: Exploring the atomic model and radioactivity.

The O Level Physics examination format, as outlined in the 2024 syllabus, includes three papers:

  1. Paper 1 (Multiple Choice): This paper consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, lasts 1 hour, and contributes 30% to the final grade.

  2. Paper 2 (Structured and Free Response): Lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes, this paper includes structured questions in Section A and two free-response questions in Section B, from which candidates choose one. Paper 2 contributes 50% to the final grade.

  3. Paper 3 (Practical Assessment): This 1 hour and 50 minute paper assesses experimental skills and investigations, making up 20% of the final grade. It includes two sections focusing on practical experiment questions.

Each paper tests different aspects of the syllabus, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s understanding and skills in physics.

For a complete set of notes, they can be found here

Challenges of O Level Physics

Physics is a captivating subject that offers insights into the fundamental aspects of our world. However, O Level Physics can be challenging due to its abstract nature, fast-paced curriculum, and the need for memorisation. Here are the common challenges of learning Physics:

Wrong Memorisation Technique

Students often rely on rote memorisation without grasping the underlying concepts, leading to difficulty in applying them to different question types. Though applying memorised solutions can be useful during lower secondary years, assessments in the upper secondary years require a deeper understanding of the questions to determine the right formulae and concepts to use.

Gap Between Fundamentals and Applications

Understanding the equations and principles may not automatically translate to understanding their practical implications. This gap is particularly challenging for students in an introductory physics course who have just started learning the material. Without prior knowledge of how to apply what they’ve learned, students can struggle to understand the real-world implications.

Different Approach to Learning

Students learn O Level Physics differently, and thus, they may require a different teaching method. This can be a problem in cases where teachers cannot adjust their pedagogy or presentation style, which then makes the material more difficult to comprehend.

How Physics Tuition Helps

A good O Level Physics Tutor should be able to:

  • Give a direct answer to your questions; ask what you need to know, and you should have the answer.

  • Discuss essential concepts and commonly asked questions, so you will know exactly what to prepare for.

  • Explain complicated concepts using simple terms and draw an analogy to items found in daily life.

  • Spot your weaknesses, such as careless mistakes or areas where you lack understanding, so you will know what to correct.

  • Plan together with you a schedule on what to revise or study before the exam or test.


In short, a good Physics tutor is like a mentor. With a mentor, you’ll have an accelerated pace of learning. It would mean less time to do your homework and better grades for your tests and exams.

O Level Physics Tutors

At Aspire Thinking, our tuition centre is driven by a team of dedicated tutors who specialise in O Level Physics. These passionate educators are the pillars of our centre, committed to helping students achieve their academic goals.


Head Tutor, ICF-Certified Coach

Terence, our esteemed O Level Physics tutor, holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Honours from the National University of Singapore (NUS). With a strong background in engineering, he seamlessly integrates practical applications into his teaching, making complex concepts more relatable. As an ICF-Certified life coach, Terence also provides valuable cognitive coaching to students, assisting them in overcoming exam anxiety and building the confidence needed for success.


Expert Physics Tutor

Huzaifi, our highly skilled Physics tutor, graduated with honours in Mechanical Engineering. With a decade of tutoring experience since 2014, he possesses a deep understanding of Physics and its applications. Huzaifi is well-versed in effective study methods, simplifying complex concepts, and recognising patterns in exam questions, ensuring that students are well-prepared to achieve exceptional grades.

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About Aspire Thinking

Established in 2018, Aspire Thinking is a boutique tuition centre nestled in the heart of Bishan, Singapore. Situated in proximity to the Singapore Scouts Building, our centre has been dedicated to providing top-quality education to students from various schools in the vicinity. Some of the schools our students come from include Kuo Chuan Presbyterian, Guang Yang, Beatty, De Yi, Raffles Institution, Catholic High, Eunoia Junior College, and many more. At Aspire Thinking, we take pride in our commitment to nurturing students’ academic growth and empowering them to achieve their fullest potential.

O Level or IP Physics tuition at Aspire Thinking has methods and knowledge to help ace your O Level examinations. Our O Level Physics tuition programme in Singapore fosters students’ foundation in Physics, providing learning materials and engaging lessons with real-world applications to help them achieve optimal performance in their academics. 

Students who have enrolled in our O Level tuition have seen great improvement in their examination results. Furthermore, 99% of our students feel more at ease with their Physics subjects and even enjoy studying more.

We also offer other tuition programmes, including JC H2 Physics tuitionO Level Chemistry tuition, and O Level E Math tuition.

Frequently Asked Questions About O Level Physics Tuition

Our O Level Physics tutors assess students’ progress through various methods, including worksheets and practice exams. They carefully review and evaluate students’ performance to identify areas of strength and areas that require improvement. Tutors provide constructive feedback to students, offering guidance on how to enhance their understanding and problem-solving skills in O Level Physics. This feedback is personalised and tailored to each student’s specific needs, ensuring that they receive targeted support to make continuous progress in the subject.

Our Physics tutors work closely with each student, giving them the support they need to overcome challenges in understanding Physics concepts. Tutors use a variety of teaching strategies, such as breaking down complex concepts, providing additional examples, and offering targeted practice exercises. By addressing students’ specific areas of difficulty, tutors help them build a strong foundation and develop the necessary skills to excel in O Level Physics.

Our tutors use practical examples and scenarios to demonstrate how Physics principles apply to everyday life. By connecting abstract concepts to real-life situations, students develop a deeper appreciation for the subject and can better apply their knowledge to solve problems. Incorporating real-world applications and case studies helps students grasp the practical relevance of O Level Physics and fosters a deeper understanding of its concepts.

The success rate of students who have attended O Level Physics tuition at Aspire Thinking is impressive, with an average end-of-year exam score of 83%. Our curriculum and dedicated tutors have consistently helped students in achieving strong academic results in O Level Physics. Through our comprehensive and personalised teaching approach, students have demonstrated significant improvements and success in their examinations.

Our O Level Physics tutors assess the student’s current knowledge through diagnostic assessments, initial discussions, and observation during class. They evaluate the student’s understanding of key concepts, problem-solving skills, and areas of strengths and weaknesses. Based on this assessment, tutors tailor the lesson plans to meet their specific needs, focusing on strengthening areas of weakness and further enhancing their strengths. This approach ensures that the student receives targeted instruction and support, maximising their learning potential in O Level Physics.

Yes, our O Level Physics tutors provide study techniques and strategies to help your child prepare effectively for the exam. They guide students in developing effective study schedules, setting clear goals, and managing their time efficiently. Tutors teach students how to approach different question types, apply problem-solving techniques, and effectively revise key concepts. These study techniques and strategies empower students to prepare systematically and confidently for the O Level Physics exam.

Definitely. Our O Level Physics tutors provide personalised feedback to keep parents informed about their child’s progress when necessary. An online learning management system “Google Classroom” is used to monitor progress of lessons, feedback from tutors and students as well as to keep track of attendance.Tutors discuss the child’s performance, strengths, areas for improvement and strategies for continued progress in O Level Physics. They address any concerns or questions parents may have, ensuring open and effective communication about the child’s academic journey and progress.

Aspire Thinking provides additional resources to supplement O Level Physics tuition. We offer FREE e-worksheets that students can easily download from our website. These worksheets provide additional practice questions, allowing students to reinforce their understanding, improve problem-solving skills, and familiarise themselves with the format and style of O Level Physics exam questions. The supplementary resources serve as valuable tools for independent practice and revision, complementing the tuition classes and supporting students in their O Level Physics preparation.