H2 Physics Tuition

H2 Physics, an integral subject in Singapore’s Junior College (JC) A levels curriculum, plays a vital role in shaping students’ understanding of the natural laws that govern physical phenomena. It covers topics such as Mechanics, Wave Motion and Optics, Electromagnetism and Modern Physics, which are fundamental to understanding physical phenomena. It also introduces students to subjects like Quantum Mechanics, Special Relativity and Atomic Physics so that students can appreciate the beauty and complexity of physical laws that govern our universe. H2 Physics is also an important foundational subject for students who wish to pursue further studies in Physics or related Sciences such as Chemistry and Biology. This is because Physics arms them with the necessary skills required to develop their analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and quantitative problem-solving skills. In addition, the knowledge acquired from H2 Physics can also be applied to other relevant concepts of life, making it a valuable subject to study.


However, many JC students often find H2 Physics challenging due to its complex concepts and problem-solving requirements. This is where our specialised H2 Physics tuition at Intuitive Minds comes into play, providing students with the necessary support and guidance to excel in this critical subject when their A Levels come around.

Experts in A Level H2 Physics

Intuitive Minds is renowned for providing the best JC Physics tuition in Singapore. Our Physics tuition classes offer a holistic learning experience, empowering students to develop a strong comprehension of H2 Physics while also boosting their confidence in the subject. With a focus on the individual needs of each student in their learning process, our H2 Physics tutors ensure that every student can make significant academic progress.

Helping Students Ace Their Exams

At our Physics tuition centre, our mission is to help students ace their exams and achieve outstanding results. Our proven track record speaks for itself: 94% of our students spend less time on Physics homework, experiencing greater efficiency in their study routine. With an impressive average score of 82% based on end-of-year grades, our students consistently demonstrate their academic excellence. Moreover, a remarkable 99% of our students feel more relaxed and enjoy the process of studying the complex subject.

Huge Vault of Resources

Our H2 Physics tuition students gain exclusive access to our extensive vault of resources, including past year A Level papers, test papers designed to emulate nationwide school standards, and meticulously curated worksheets. These worksheets contain a wide range of questions, carefully selected by our tutors, ensuring that students encounter commonly asked exam questions. From basic to intermediate and even unorthodox problems, we have it all covered.In addition, we configure lesson plans to align with the topics and concepts they are currently studying in school. This ensures that students are always learning what they need to learn. For instance, if a student is currently learning Quantum Physics, our discussions during the lesson will revolve around that subject. On the other hand, if a student has already mastered a particular topic, we seamlessly transition to the next relevant topic. Our comprehensive resource collection and personalised approach guarantee targeted progress and maximise the effectiveness of each lesson.

Extensive Familiarity with the A Level Physics Syllabus

With years of teaching experience, the H2 Physics tutors at Aspire Thinking possess an in-depth understanding of the various Physics syllabi. Their extensive familiarity allows them to identify commonly encountered questions and highlight crucial concepts, providing students with clear guidance on what to focus their studies on. With the expertise of our H2 Physics tutors, students also gain a competitive advantage, knowing precisely what areas to prioritise in their preparation.

Small Group Lessons or One-to-One Classes

We prioritise the quality of our student’s learning experience, which is why we limit our group classes to a maximum of 5 students. By maintaining small class sizes, we ensure that each student receives ample individual attention from our dedicated H2 Physics tutors. This personalised approach allows for tailored feedback, enabling students to improve more efficiently and ask questions freely. Moreover, the intimate class setting fosters high-quality interactions between students and tutors, eliminating social anxiety often associated with larger classes. For those seeking an even more personalised learning experience, we also offer one-to-one tuition to a select group of students.

Proven Teaching Style

At Intuitive Minds, we prioritise more than just content knowledge and answering question types. We firmly believe that comprehension is the key to academic success. As such, our teaching approach emphasises the development of skills to apply concepts in any context through a profound understanding of the subject matter. By fostering rich comprehension, our students gain the ability to excel even in high-pressure exam conditions. With a solid foundation established under our guidance, our students consistently perform well, showcasing their mastery of the subject.

Price and Class Schedule of Our JC H2 Physics Tuition

Intuitive Minds offers JC H2 Physics tuition at a highly competitive rate of S$100 per lesson. We understand the importance of flexibility and convenience for our students and parents, which is why we provide a convenient payment structure on a monthly basis. Additionally, for new sign-ups, we require a deposit equivalent to two lessons to secure your spot. Our commitment to accessibility ensures that high-quality education remains within reach.

Comprehensive Coverage of A Level Physics

At Intuitive Minds, our H2 Physics tuition programme offers comprehensive coverage of the A Level Physics syllabus. We ensure that students receive in-depth understanding of all key topics and concepts, equipping them with the knowledge required to excel in their exams.
Our experienced tutors meticulously cover the key topics and concepts in A Level Physics, including Kinematics, Dynamics, Forces, Work, Energy and Power, components of Thermal Physics, as well as Oscillation and Waves and more. Through engaging discussions, interactive demonstrations, and practical examples, we ensure that students grasp the fundamental principles with clarity and confidence.
Beyond theoretical knowledge, we emphasise the real-world applications of physics. By incorporating relevant case studies and examples, we help students connect the dots between classroom learning and practical scenarios. This approach enables students to appreciate the significance of Physics in everyday life and encourages them to think critically about how Physics concepts apply to real-world situations.
At Aspire Thinking, we recognise the importance of problem-solving skills and exam techniques in achieving success. Our tuition programme thus focuses on honing these essential skills, providing students with strategies to approach different types of questions effectively. Through regular practice, mock tests, and targeted guidance, we empower students to tackle complex problems with confidence and excel in their exams.

Challenges JC Students Face with H2 Physics

H2 Physics students often face several challenges in their academic journey. Some of them include:

XH2 Physics involves abstract concepts and heavy content, requiring deep understanding and questioning and effective application. In addition, many lessons are taught through lecture videos, which means that communication is one-way, and students are unable to seek out help. Students are thus left to organise and digest vast amounts of information, distinguishing important content for exams by themselves. This can be incredibly challenging as it requires them to spend more time thinking and processing the information than they are used to.
Tutorial questions, although valuable for practice, often differ from sample questions encountered in lectures which are generally entry-level standards. This can lead to confusion when attempting to answer tutorial questions. Students may struggle to interpret the wording and apply concepts correctly.

XMajor exams pose questions that integrate multiple topics, testing comprehensive understanding. It can be extremely difficult for many students as they should understand the relationships between these topics to answer the question correctly. Moreover, these question types often require a deep understanding of mathematics (such as trigonometry and calculus) concepts that the class may have yet to cover.

How A Level Physics Tuition Helps

Students with H2 Physics tuition should be able to achieve the following:
  • Apply the concepts of Kinematics equations, Newton’s Laws, Work, Energy and Power equations in both linear and recti-linear motions, the latter being more challenging to some.

  • Understand the concepts of Thermodynamics (1st Law, Gas laws, and Latent Heats of matter) and know how to apply them to questions.

  • Understand the concepts of Wave Phenomena such as polarisation, intensity and principles of superposition while knowing what to apply when solving questions. Principles of superposition have been one of the more challenging topics for many students.

  • Apply the concepts of electricity to solve circuit diagrams. The most challenging part of this would be understanding how a potentiometer works (why are we using it?) and how one can use it when solving questions.

  • Knowing the difference between electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction and their relevant formulae. It’s especially important when solving alternating current questions that involve transformers and half wave rectifiers.

  • Understanding the wave particle duality and the importance of Einstein’s photoelectric effect that addresses the shortfall of wave theory. Students must learn to draw parallels between wave and particle theory while appreciating that they are both sides of the same coin.

  • Have a clear understanding of Nuclear Physics by knowing how to calculate the energy of nuclear reactions from the binding energy of products and reactants. It is also important to understand the meaning of spontaneous random radioactive decay and how the decay constant is applied to determine the mass of reactants.

  • This list continues as there is much more to learning H2 Physics.

Our A Level H2 Physics Tutors

JC Physics Tuition at Aspire Thinking provides experienced, qualified and dedicated tutors. Our teachers are passionate about teaching H2 Physics, having excelled in the subject themselves, and they understand what it takes to help students do well in H2 physics examinations.


Founder, Head Tutor

With a Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, 1st class Honours) from the National University of Singapore, Mr Terence brings his Engineering experience into class by using real-life industrial applications to explain complicated concepts. An ICF-Certified Life Coach (International Coaching Federation), Mr Terence also mentally prepares students for tests and exams through goal setting and career guidance workshops. He also has teaching experience with students from schools such as Dunman High, Eunoia, Yishun-Innova, National and Victoria. Thus, he is familiar with their lessons and standards.


Physics and Chemistry Specialist

Mr. Huz, a distinguished Mechanical Engineering graduate, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of Physics. With ten years of tutoring experience, he is adept at guiding students towards achieving stellar grades. Mr. Huz simplifies complex Physics concepts, offers smart study strategies, and adeptly identifies common trends in examination questions. Moreover, his background as a camp facilitator and floorball assistant coach equips him with valuable soft skills, enabling him to effectively engage students, manage diverse classrooms, and create an interactive and enjoyable learning environment.

About Intuitive Minds

Intuitive Minds is not just a trusted name in Physics education. We are dedicated to empowering students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel academically. As such, we provide tuition classes beyond A Level H2 Physics. Some of the other programmes we offer include O Level Chemistry tuition and O Level Physics tuition. Led by Mr. Huz and Mr. Terence, with years of experience, our team of highly qualified tutors is passionate about providing top-notch Physics tuition.

Since our establishment, we have been committed to nurturing a love for learning, fostering critical thinking skills, and instilling confidence in our students. Through our proven teaching methods, we have helped numerous students achieve remarkable academic success in physics and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our A Level H2 Physics Tuition

H2 Physics tutors at Intuitive Minds employ after-action reviews to monitor student’s progress and guide their improvement in A Level Physics. These reviews serve as valuable assessments that inform lesson planning and identify areas where students require additional support. By providing targeted feedback based on these assessments, tutors ensure that students receive personalised guidance to enhance their understanding and excel in their physics studies.

Physics tutors at Aspire Thinking address individual students’ areas of difficulty in A Level Physics by carefully addressing relevant concepts and questions. Rather than simply providing answer keys or marking schemes, our tutors take extra care to explain the questions, prompting students to derive solutions on their own. By guiding students through the process of identifying relevant formulas and applying them to specific scenarios, tutors inspire students to attempt questions with greater clarity. This approach not only fosters independent problem-solving skills but also ensures that the acquired knowledge remains with students for a longer duration.

Real-world applications and case studies are seamlessly integrated into A Level Physics tuition at Aspire Thinking. By showcasing practical examples and exploring real-life scenarios, students gain a deeper understanding of how physics concepts are applied in everyday life. This approach enhances their comprehension and critical thinking abilities and enables them to appreciate the relevance of physics in the world around them.
About 89% of our students found Physics easier to understand after just a month! They also spend less time doing their school work, giving them more time for other important things in their lives! It makes them happier and more confident, not just in Physics but also in life.
Aspire Thinking’s A Level Physics tutors assess students’ current knowledge through periodic tests and mini quizzes. This helps evaluate students’ understanding of topics and concepts, ensuring a targeted and effective learning experience. Thereafter, our H2 Physics tutors curate questions and worksheets tailored to each student’s learning needs, fostering excellence and helping students achieve their personal goals. With small class sizes, students also have ample opportunities to clarify doubts and ask questions.
To effectively prepare for the A Level Physics exam, Aspire Thinking utilises a systematic approach to break down complex concepts into simpler blocks. For example, understanding superposition can be facilitated by starting with single slit diffraction, followed by double slit and diffraction grating. By teaching these concepts in a progressive manner, students can draw analogies and conclusions based on previous simpler concepts, leading to a clearer understanding of the overall topic. This strategic approach helps students connect the logic and develop a comprehensive grasp of the subject, enhancing their exam preparation.
Aspire Thinking provides various additional resources to supplement our A Level Physics tuition classes. Our personalised worksheets, for one, are tailored to each student’s learning ability and level, offering higher-level challenges or foundation-building exercises as needed. We also offer assistance with school tutorial questions, encouraging students to reach out for help by texting or bringing the questions to their lessons.