A Level Physics – An Overview on Current of Electricity and DC Circuits

Almost all the essential concepts for A Level Physics Electrical topics can be found in this video. These concepts can be drawn in a form of cheat sheet or mindmap as I have demonstrated in the video. Doing so can help students to remember better.

Concepts covered in the video:

  1. Definition of Current
  2. Formula of current including its form in calculus
  3. Definition of potential difference and emf (electromotive force)
  4. Formula of potential difference and emf
  5. Difference between potential difference and emf
  6. Batteries with internal resistance
  7. Terminal Potential Difference and related graphs
  8. Definition of resistance
  9. Effective resistance of resistors in series and parallel circuits
  10. Potential Divider Rule formula
  11. How to apply potential divider rule
  12. Ohm’s Law
  13. Ohmic and non-ohmic conductors

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